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Freaking out... acne or bed bugs??

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  1. coolcucumber91

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Mon Jun 15 2015 18:41:28

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    I'll try to brief. Went to NYC and stayed at a place for 2 nights with high turnover. Did NOT see anything (but I didn't really put an effort in looking, just checked the air mattress I was on). No weird bites (but I did see a mosquito or something quite big on me)

    Back home and it's been 2 weeks. I have chest acne and usually get several pimples. Been getting a cluster of pimples (like 3). Noticed it in the morning. I took a nap on my bed in the afternoon, took a shower, etc, and later that night I noticed 2 more red marks, this time one like a little lower than my sternum bone. I don't think I've ever gotten a pimple there...

    Red marks do NOT itch at all
    I have no marks other than in acne prone places (shoulders, back, chest). No marks anywhere else
    Checked my mattress and cover. No blood, no shellings, me and my brother haven't seen a live or dead one either.
    I sleep with my shirt off and usually on my side
    Under bed is very very dusty

    Thoughts? Obviously I cannot really know unless I see a bed bug, but I think maybe I'm having a breakout and I'm just paranoid... I did put my stuff in bags and washed all my clothes from the trip, but it was after like 2 hours sitting around in my apartment. Maybe s stray one might've escaped? idk

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