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Freaked out! Saw clear tiny bug climbing up outer ring of our (dusty)Interceptor

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  1. SimoneFrank

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Tue Jul 14 2009 3:53:49

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    Went to get some tape to snag it, and when I came back, it had disappeared.

    Don' t know if was a bed bug or something else. It was so little, it was hard to tell.
    It definitely reacted to me shinign the flashlight on it.

    Sigh! This was the last thing I needed before going to sleep.

    I was avoiding apply new talc and cleaning out interceptors until PCO came...since I would have had to put the random bugs and specks somewhere before cleaning/re-talcing - but now I wish I did.

    What else is tiny and clear and likely to be int he Interceptor.

    Dear god, I hope there is some other option


  2. EffeCi

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Tue Jul 14 2009 18:01:44

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    A booklice can climb smooth surfaces, and a roach too...

  3. TheKnightRider

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    Posted 9 years ago
    Wed Jul 21 2010 1:58:10

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    These traps are not 'set em and forget em"
    You must wash out and clean the traps regularly. It takes only a minute, but it is critical, I do it once a month and lightly re-apply talc baby powder (not cornstarch)

    I use a small amount of Diatomaceous earth (DE) or pyethrins insect powder at the bottom of the wells, so if bugs did manage to get out, they would probably die a short time later.

    The interceptors 'should' be available in two heights. The low cut current version at only 1 inch high. While this is great for couches with short legs, beds often have longer legs with castors. So, it my opinion that a higher walled trap with 3-5 inch walls, might offer more security in terms of any bugs escaping. Even if the first outer wall was only one inch so bugs could climb in easy, the second inner wall could be higher.

    I put my bed leg inside a 3.5” wide 4’ high plastic container from a food product. Lightly coat it with talc. Then place that inside the commercial climbup interceptor to form a third 4 inch wall. I want to take no chances on a bed bug climbing over the stock 1” wall of the commercial trap.
    I think bed bugs will have a harder time escaping from a two container homemade 4’ high traps then the commercial 1’ high climbup traps.
    I know that there other ways to the bed other than the legs, but I want overkill in terms of bed bugs being able to get my bed via the bed legs.

    PS Never take you eyes off a suspected live bed bug! Kill it any way you can, it must not escape your wrath! The little bugger wants to terrorize you when you sleep! Squish with you hand if you have to.

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