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Found open bag.. 2 months later

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  1. bitemelady

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Tue Oct 25 2016 15:09:08

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    Hello again, I've been off the threads for a bit (found bug July 3, treatments in July/beginning August, "cleared" by dog at the end of August), because I was experiencing PTSD-Hypervigilance even after a dog "cleared" my apartment; I still keep most of my clothes in those jumbo ziplock bags and wash any clothes that go out of the house (because I ride at least four crowded urban buses a day). Recently I had to check out library books .. and they really freak me out to use them because it's a university library (BB in dorms is not uncommon here given that it is the largest university in the state), but I have to write two graduate thesis statements.. so there's no way around doing research.

    My question is.. out of the four leftover bags of washed-dried clothes following the treatment, that I just never put away. I finally was going through one (I've been progressively opening bags as the weeks go by, washing/drying again just for safety, and then putting them in clear ziplocks because I don't have a dresser.. it's just very hard to find anything when I need to get ready in the morning, I'm always digging through bags), and I realized there was a hole in the seam of the contractor bag. I immediately w/d everything in the bag.. but ?!?!

    Is there anything else I should do? I am guessing something could have gone into the hole in the bag during treatment, been hiding out, and then came back out and is crawling about the bottom of my closet/carpet to my entire bedroom. Any suggestions?

    Thank you, in advance, for your help.

  2. BigDummy

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Tue Oct 25 2016 15:52:40

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    There'd be no incentive for a bug to go in there, or if it did, to remain in there. Not a risk that would even warrant concern in my opinion.

  3. Frauleinash

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Wed Oct 26 2016 8:48:14

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    I think she's more worried that there could have been a live bug trapped inside that may have gotten out. I'm not sure if we would ever be able to tell you that, though.

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