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Found bug crawling on me after a day nap

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  1. Tiffany84

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Thu Jan 17 2013 17:12:42

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    Okay, so here's the run down. It was approximately 2:00 pm, so obviously the middle of the day. I had just woken up from a nap after returning from my university, and noticed something crawling on my sweater sleeve. Naturally, I blew it off of me to the carpet and proceeded to grab a napkin and squish the hell out of it. I did however get a look at it as I was killing it. It wasn't very big (not like a tick), had a brownish-tan head, and was more round than oval with a lot of blood in it. I checked my body and didn't see any bites anywhere. I am absolutely freaking out; I'm not sure if it was a bed bug because I've never seen one before, and I haven't been in any hotels or anything for over a year. This is my first apartment, but my sister and I have been living here for about six months now without any signs of bugs besides a lonely beetle that did no harm. I have been doing some extensive searching online, and the bed bugs that I see have all been either flat and brown or elongated when fed, and the one that was on me was not elongated like the ones I have been looking at.
    So, if it's not a bed bug, then what the hell is it?? Do I need to get an exterminator up in here or should I wait for further signs or bugs so I can be sure it was a bed bug? Please help!!

  2. theyareoutthere

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Thu Jan 17 2013 20:45:40

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    Hi, Tiffany:

    Read the FAQs, consider getting passive monitors (or some other monitoring device), look for confirming signs (again read the FAQs) such as fecal and casts...

    Don't panic and just keep your alert up. You may want to consider, if you have a dryer in your apartment, reading the travel FAQS for protecting your home from strays. I know you don't travel, but if you take transit, sit at movie theaters, coffee shops etc, there is a small chance you might bring a stray home.

    If you are in school or college, they are sometimes in the locations where people sit for a long period.

    Good look, but without a picture of the bug (even if you believe it was filled with blood or it was filled with blood), it may be hard to confirm. Just start monitoring and we will hope for the best.

    I am not an expert so let's see what they say..the above are just some thoughts to consider as your read the FAQs.

    = TAOT

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