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Found a single spot on mattress. Bed bug? ID help.

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  1. marshall12345

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    Posted 4 months ago
    Sun Jul 8 2018 12:03:00

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    We just moved in to our place two weeks ago. We have been checking our mattress diligently, and have not seen anything. Last night we noticed this yellow-orange spot on the underside of our mattress near a corner. It is about 1/8" big. In the center it had a strange flake that we removed. The flake is also extremely tiny- less than .4mm. What is this? Is this early signs of bed bugs?

    We've searched the room and our mattress and have found nothing else. In addition, we have not noticed any signs of being bitten.

    Please let us know if this is anything noteworthy.

    Here is the picture of the spot:

    Here is the picture of the flake we found in the center of the spot:

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