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Found a bed bug. Landlord is reluctant to call a PCO. HELP. (newbie, HELP)

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    Thu Aug 16 2012 22:15:13

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    So after two+ weeks of itching and searching, I found an adult bed bug on my towel and a nymph on my pants. I understand that an adult means that its over a month old, which would mean that either I carried an adult to my apartment or that this infestation started before I even moved here!!! (i killed it and saved it between packing tape. 100% certain this is a bedbug.)

    I talked to my landlord, and he has said he would send over his "handyman" to dust the place. I am positive that this is not enough and I know that if not done correctly, it could harm my cats. I have three.

    Of course, I have boxes and three cats, so the amount of clutter is going to make this a bit complicated. There is no way I can afford a PCO on my own. If only. I suppose I could theoretically take him to court, but as we are not on lease, I do not believe he is legally mandated to do a thing. We pay him in cash. There is little, if no proof that we legally live here.

    I am not adverse to moving, but I DO NOT want them to come with me, and I can't risk that. Advice???

    I cannot afford a packtite either, but i need to, I will scrounge up the money. at this point I'm just thinking about bagging my things after drying them on hot, infecting everything one by one and packing it away, and then finally finding a way to disinfect my nightstand and bed bug covers and just leaving. Is this a good idea?

    Summary: low income ways to treat and handle bed bugs. Also, I am TERRIFIED of sleeping tonight. what do I do?

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