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Found 3 adult bed bugs across a number of weeks - advice on nymphs please!

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    Sat Apr 7 2018 8:25:57

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    I discovered an adult bed bug after waking up with more bites a week after dismissing a few bites as mosquito bites. After investigating I found it and killed it. I then thought it may only be one random bed bug on it's own, so bought some spray as a precaution and left it at that. I then woke up with more bites about a week later, and after investigating further found another two. I was gutted! I called a pest control guy who checked everywhere, found no signs of anything else, and said he could treat as a precaution or I could see how it goes.

    I decided to try a few DIY things, ground up silica gel beads, lavendar spray, and double sided tape round my bed.

    So far the tape has caught and killed 5 nymphs as far as I can tell. My question is this: for how long do you think I will have to keep this tape around my bed? How long can these nymphs survive without feeding?

    I have found myself in an odd situation as my flat for 2 years has been fine... I stayed at a friend's without realising they had them and have realised they came from there. I am still waiting to see how the whole thing unfolds, but am hoping I don't need to pay for professional treatment.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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