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    My husband travels about 10 times a year for work. Mainly driving trips that are about 3-5hrs away. He mainly takes his own car. We had bb 3 years ago and since then I have bought a packtite, he checks the room, and I treat everything upon return as if he encountered them. Just to be safe. He says he’s never seen anything, but I don’t exactly know his extent of check, even with a detailed list from me. My question is- I never thought about him putting his bag in the car for the drive home. He usually keeps his bag hanging in the bathroom at the hotel or far from the bed. But, like I said, not sure of his thorough checking. Should I be worried that he infests his car? Should he put his bag in something for his ride home? He won’t bag it while it’s in the room because he’s usually with another guy and he would never do that. It’s asking a lot for him to even check because everybody he’s with is ignorant about it.

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