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For moving, small items, and travelling: PackTite! I really recommend

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  1. Lauren_in_NYC

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Wed Oct 7 2009 23:24:15

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    First, I hope I'm not starting a redundant topic. Sorry if I am!

    I'm a huge advocate of using PACKTITE for smaller items. I recently moved from an apartment in which I was getting a lot of bites. I didn't know for sure if I had the dreaded BB but I definitely had something. I went to a local pest control place; none of the dead bugs I'd found were BBs, and my bites were too generic to say for sure the cause. Still, based on my lifestyle (flight attendant), the pest company recommended PackTite; if I didn't have them yet it was probably just a matter of time. I have 2 flight attendant friends who have brought them home and 2 others that were bitten at hotels. Plus even if I didn't have BBs, the PackTite would still kill any bugs that were hiding amongst my stuff- and given my bites there was definitely something in there.

    It took me about a week to 'cook' my stuff and move it to my new apartment. Literally everything I owned fit in this thing (though I had no furniture, I had about one bedroom's worth of stuff). I'd say one huge suitcase (like, big enough that you check it if you went on a plane, one of the biggest there are) will fit at a time, with a few things on top. You don't want to overpack it because you want the core items to hit the 120F requirement to kill the bugs. But as the week went on I got brave and put more in at a time. It comes with an internal thermometer reading thing so you can put that in the middle of a book, folded sweater or into a crevice of whatever item is center of the stack, and can read the temperature from outside the bag.

    I 'cooked' clothes, shoes, books... anything that didn't have a smooth surface (items that were only metal or plastic I wiped down with bleach spray). The only damage I had was makeup that melted (which is my own dang fault for leaving it in there) and the glue for book binding came loose, so I have a few books that have loose pages now. It was maybe 5 books out of 50.

    In the end I concluded that my bites were likely from a flea infestation- my roommate wasn't interested in actually doing maintenance on her poor pet. Still, given the amount of bites I was getting it was a pretty serious infestation, and the PackTite definitely helped prevent it from transferring to my new apartment. So I was saved from a current infestation of fleas and have a great guard against future dangers of bedbugs.

    Also, I recently stayed at a hotel that I *know* had bedbugs as of last year (my 2 friends that brought bedbugs home brought them from this hotel). So as soon as I got home I stuck my clothes and suitcase in my PackTite and turned that sucker on. It's a HUGE piece of mind to know that I'm being proactive at keeping these evil little suckers out of my home!

    Oh- and I'm happy with the service. My timer broke (gee, probably from me using it for a week straight, day and night??). I finally emailed them today and they responded within an hour. No hassle of 'fax us your reciept' or a runaround about going to the pest place where I bought it. Simply 'what's your address'. Done. Love it!

  2. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Wed Oct 7 2009 23:48:11

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    We have a Packtite FAQ if anyone wants to know more about this product.

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."

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