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Follow up k9 inspection necessary?

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  1. Mfisch

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    Posted 9 months ago
    Mon Feb 4 2019 11:27:14

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    Hi all,

    I had a small bed bug situation that was discovered and within a week's time I had my first treatment (non heat). Today will be the 2nd follow up treatment and will hopefully be the last. I asked my PCO if it was a good idea to have a follow up k9 inspection in a few weeks or so and he said that from his point of view the scent of beg bugs can remain and often the dog will have a false alert. Is this accurate ? He suggested using the bed bug interceptors on my bedframe and passive monitors. Should I be pushing for a follow up k9 inspection?


  2. BigDummy

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    Posted 9 months ago
    Mon Feb 4 2019 12:32:43

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    I wouldn't bother with the canine inspection.

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