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Fleece Blankets

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  1. mingus

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Wed Aug 26 2015 16:30:54

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    We have a Bed Bug problem and I noticed that BB do not like fleece
    [100 % polyester]. I stumbled upon this when sleeping under a fleece blanket in an air conditioned bedroom. The BB left me alone when i did this. so i decided to take it one step further. I covered a favorite recliner chair, which is infested with BB, with a large fleece blanket and lo and behold they did not come out after this. It is now going on a week and no sign of them. I then covered our bed with fleece blankets during the day [during the same week] and again no sign of them. I did notice a dead one the other day which managed to get under the fleece blanket. It seems that some vapor emanating from the fleece killed this BB.

    Could it be that some molecule emanating from the fleece is lethal to BB?

    Respectfully yours,
    Jack Gordon

  2. this2shallpass

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Wed Aug 26 2015 16:41:02

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    I'm no expert, but I'm skeptical.

    I think this might be one of those coincidences where you might jump to a cause-and-effect conclusion based only on anecdotal evidence.

    Dead bedbug might have just been dead, not necessarily killed by fleece. The night you wrapped yourself in fleece and didn't get bitten; maybe it wasn't a "biting" night.

    Who am I to judge though? Like I said, I'm no expert.

  3. loubugs

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Wed Aug 26 2015 17:50:05

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    Of course, they have preferred "seating", but I don't know if fleece really is repellent at all. That said, I came across an infestation on a sofa and there were a few layers of fabrics. The bed bugs on a towel layer preferred the flat cloth area (stripes) and not the loop or pile, so they crawled on these flatter "highways" to get around.

    Professional entomologist/arachnologist. I consult on all matters dealing with insects and arachnids, including those of natural history and biology to pest management and forensic entomology investigations.
  4. theyareoutthere

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Wed Aug 26 2015 20:33:20

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    Interesting comment, Lou (as usual).
    Thanks for your time!

    = TAOT

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