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Fleas or Bed Bugs

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    Thu May 17 2018 9:02:51

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    I'll try and keep this short and sweet.

    I got "Bed Bug" signs 4weeks ago - a cluster of seven bites in two lines on my right hip. I have red little streaks through my bed - 15/16 of them, with about 6-10 on my pillow. But apart from a bites on my hip, one bite on my foot and a bite on shoulder (or pimple, not sure). That's it.

    Dr Google = Bed Bugs. I haven't travelled, I haven't bought new furniture, except for my brothers bed tat I'm storing (ah hah moment, right?). I haven't got any international or travelling friends. I AM a massage therapist who sees people at my clinic. I am a uni student that lives off campus and noT with anyone else. My bag and clipboards come home with me, that's it.

    FREAK OUT. $440 pest controller later, to my rental granny flat. He found potentially two bug casings (could be cockroaches) but no infestation, bug or eggs signs anywhere - both mattresses, couch, clothes, furniture, cupboards, electrical points, carpets, etc. He sprays and the dots go down to one or two every few days. My Brothers mattress was complete clean - immaculate, he said. He was surprised, but sprayed everything anyway, much to my comfort.

    There is a door connecting my granny flat to the main house that is a converted storage closet. The my main house landlord fosters rescue kittens, who have flea infestations occasionally. The kittens visit occasionally. I've adopted my Feline Franco eight weeks ago. My landlords have had NO BEDBUG activity whatesoever or bites. We share a washer and I cold wash only, until now.

    I have a boyfriend - he sleeps in my bed, leaves his clothes, bag open on my bed, around my bed, leaves his clothes here by accident, etc. He has no signs of bites or rust marks on his sheets. I've slept at his house also, leave my bag open, my clothes everywhere etc. He still has no bed bugs, despite my freaking out to nuke everything from orbit and start again as a dark ages humanity.

    I've sealed off all my clothes, steamed, sprayed with neem oil, traps, cornstarched plastic bowls under bed coasters, double taped around bed, sealed the mattress and pillows. I'll have a rust mark every two days. My cat sleeps on my bed during the day, btw. Still no bites either. The bites I had were somewhat itchy, but didn't come up in welts. I'm a night runner, and thought my hip may have been exposed to mosquitos, though having seven in a cluster seemed odd. I've been recently attacked by ticks, to the tune of 18 bites before the rust marks showed up - I know they were ticks because I had to pry them out. They were INSANELY itchy, welt like, swollen, etc. These bites weren't much different, if not less itchy, than mosquito bites. They haven't weeped.

    FYI, Franco the cat also gave me Ringworm. It's been treated. Ticks, ringworm, bed bugs oh my.

    Here's the tricky bit. Before I tweaked to, what I think/thought was bed bugs, I took my cat to the Vet Nurse because I found blood spots in my bed (not black. They are red, rusty mostly) but no bites. She found nothing and declared him in fabulous health for a former rescue cat. He's been scratching and sooky lately. I treated him with flea treatment pipette just tonight as he's been scratching. He sleeps IN my bed sometimes. I ALSO found the same blood spots around my sink and on my bathroom countertop where he drinks water, from the tap and bowl. The same as in my bed, I think.

    Why would Bed Bugs be around my sink? The same stains too. Here are the photos. 1st is the Bed, second is the sink.

    I'm thinking I've had a flea infestation rather than bed bugs. I haven't seen one and I've looked in ever crack, cranny, nook, etc I can get my eye, hands, light and steamer on. The red rust marks on the bed are tiny, and I haven't seen one crushed bed bug or shell. I've tried traps for them also, but there's nothing in the traps.

    Help people. Put a paranoid mind to rest or truth. What do you think? Even hilarious jokes would be welcome.

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