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First time on forum---hello!

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  1. Bedbugnation

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Wed Oct 1 2014 0:38:49

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    Hello everyone. I was on the Internet researching BBs when I stumbled upon this fabulous site!

    Like many of you I am in the throes of bedbug h*ll. I was a "bedbug virgin" until about a month ago.

    I live in a small apartment so you can imagine the challenge of dragging everything out of my closets and 2 large storage armoires and prepping for the first treatment. At last count we (my husband and I) had 25 large bags filled with clothing, bedding and linens. I have OCD, so you can just imagine what all this chaos is doing to my mental state.

    My landlord has scheduled 3 visits, about 2 weeks apart, from a Pest Control Company. The technician came while we were at work yesterday. It doesn't appear that he did anything----we had moved ALL of our furniture into the center of each room, dismantled the bed, box-spring and mattress, took everything off the walls and took the dog and 2 cats to stay with friends. We basically exhausted ourselves preparing for this first visit.

    My husband slept on the floor and I slept on the sofa last night. (a big mistake I understand, from reading the information on this site.) So we will be returning to our bedroom and bed tonight to entice the little darlings out. The landlord double checked with the PC company and was told they sprayed (the pesticide dust I guess).

    While sleeping on the sofa last night I was awakened around 3:30 by BBs biting me on my upper arm. All told, I had 10 bites in one spot and another further up my arm---the worst attack so far. I got a flashlight and looked everywhere to see if I could catch the bugger(s) who were dining on me! (I have had success twice in the recent past killing the little terrorists after they had bitten me in my bed.) A few more very large hives appeared on my legs and arms during the day today. Is this normal after a treatment? It almost seems like the bugs have gotten worse instead of better.

    I am highly allergic to the bites and swell up drastically with large itchy hives at the sites of the bites---I have the same reaction to mosquitoes. Meanwhile, my husband, who is peacefully sleeping beside me, has absolutely no signs of being bitten.

    The itching drives me crazy and I scratch the bites raw. I know this is a terrible thing to do, but with my OCD, it is extremely difficult to stop. I have already had several bites become infected.

    My question is what is a good itch reliever? I have been taking Benadryl and it helps a little. Is there something else I could be taking? I also read that putting Benadryl cream on the bites provides some relief. I'm afraid I am going to end up with even more infections and scarring if I keep this up.

    Also, I'm not sure if the guy from the Pest Control did anything to my sofa and loveseat. I guess I should contact my landlord again about that. What can I expect on the next visits, or is that a question for the Pest Control company?

    Mostly, I'm glad I found you, because I haven't shared this nightmare with anybody---too embarrassing!

  2. Mayphoenix

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    Posted 6 months ago
    Fri Sep 21 2018 14:19:40

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    Hi! Like you, I'm new here and I'm fighting these nasty things on my own. The PCO who came to my apartment (but did nothing) tried to tell me that because I'm over 50, the bugs won't bite me or I won't feel them. Like you, I am highly sensitive to bug bites/stings of any kind -- once, a house centipede got on my foot and bit me, and my foot swelled up. I had bites on my leg from sand fleas when I went to Galveston Island a few years ago and the marks are still there. So when the BBs got me, I knew it instantly. They burned and itched. I put rubbing alcohol on them (I've also washed with tea tree soap) to soothe them, and it helps me. YMMV. Good luck on the battlefield!

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