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  1. Pinkhat

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Sun Sep 16 2018 17:31:13

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    So about a year ago we had our first encounter with bedbugs, the infestation was caught early on as I have an extreme allergic reaction to the bites which resulted in an A&E visit. It was really hard for me, especially as I have anxiety and OCD. So got the all clear, then earlier this year my neighbour in the flat below has them. So she let's me know and uses the same company we did. So again my anxiety is really triggered and the obsessing starts again.
    She gets the all clear then in June we see one in our bathroom. We did a thorough check at home and no signs and I had no bites.
    Fast forward to last week and there is a nymph in our bathroom on Thursday, a dead bug on Friday and a live one tonight. All in the bathroom.
    We sought advice from the company we used who suspect an adjoining flat may be infested. They advised we write to our neighbours.
    We did this today. But on Saturday I had 4 bites come up, but there are no signs any where on the bed. But I am convinced we have them in the bed again.
    I am finding it so hard to sleep, I really struggling as to what to do next. The bugs in the bathroom have been slow and lethargic, all the bathrooms in the block have adjoining pipe work so the bugs could be coming in that way. The property 2 floors down is empty after a police drugs raid so there is no one living in there. I am a council tenant but the council were so unhelpful when I approached them.
    I am feeling so upset and stressed. I think I see the bugs everywhere and my mind is crazy.

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