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Fingers Crossed-Need Input

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  1. Helerown

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Thu Jan 18 2018 18:02:59

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    Hello everyone,

    I haven't posted here in several weeks, as I needed a mental break from the month of madness I had. My suspected bedbug problem came to light 12/6, my place was first professionally treated on 12/14 and again on 12/22. Both were very thorough treatments. Every piece of furniture treated, all baseboards, sockets, all closets, bed encased completely, every inch where my wall meets the ceiling treated, etc. 80% of my belongings were bagged up, and many unneeded things discarded. I have been vacuuming several times per week, still taking precautions when changing out of clothes and bagging them before I wash them and then they go straight into bins after. No bites on my daughter at all since 12/6 and she was HIGHLY reactive. I have not seen anything suspicious. I get the usual itchies, but I've always had sensitive skin and haven't been too too concerned about that as of now.

    The dilemna now is the question as to if I am clear or not? I still won't sleep in my room, nor will I put even treated items away. I would like to buy climb ups, but have six legs on my bed and probably can't afford them for another month between the financial strain of this issue and Christmas, etc. Any input or advice as to what I can do in the meantime to feel even somewhat comfortable in my home and ease myself back into sleeping in my room would be so helpful. This has been very hard and beyond stressful for me as a single parent. Any input is appreciated.

  2. F. Pazos

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Thu Jan 18 2018 22:35:12

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    First, the first you should do is go back to sleep in your bed, otherwise, if any bugs still there and without food source could migrate to other areas in the search of a meal.... and, of course if any bugs there, they would bite you and can lead to an early stage finding of an infestation, that equals to easier treatment.
    As for the climb ups, keeping in mind that real climb ups would be the best option, for each leg you could get 2 plastic bottles, one of them having a larger diameter than the other one and the smaller being wider (about 1 inch both cases) than the legs and cut them about 3 inch high, paint both bottles (inside and outside) with a light coating of oil (you can use a paper napkin to do it) and put preferably some insecticide dust in the bottom of both bottles (otherwise talc powder).... then the you can do like with the matryoshka dolls by placing one inside each other and the leg inside... this system will not guarantee that not a single bug will go up, but it will give them a very hard time to do it

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