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Finding Bites After Fumigation?

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  1. yesokay95

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    Posted 4 months ago
    Fri Jun 8 2018 12:26:42

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    So back in April, my roommate and I found bedbug bites on our wrists and ankles, as well as a bedbug crawling on my roommate's bed. We called the landlord, who got us a fumigator, who informed us he'd be doing 3 rounds of fumigation.

    Round one went great. The inspector found that the root of the problem was in my boxspring, which I quickly threw out. A week passed and no new bites appeared. Exterminator came again, did a second round, and still no bites. At this point I was pretty confident the problem is dead and gone.

    We're 2 days away from our third and final fumigation, and I was pretty confident last night that we didn't even need it. Cut to this morning, I found that familiar pattern of three bites in a row on my wrist. I'm pretty crushed. This whole ordeal has been such a hassle and driving my house insane. Does this mean the fumigation isn't working? Or that there's still a bug hiding somewhere I haven't thought of? I've washed and dried my blankets and pillows several times in the past three weeks, and I've found zero evidence of poop, blood, or anything. Where are these bites coming from???

    Advice? Should I just toss all my furniture to be safe? Pay for another fumigation? Or even move out? I'm strongly considering it since our lease is up for renewal in September....

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