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Finding a new home in NY after having bed bugs

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  1. LGM6986

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Fri Mar 13 2009 23:48:26

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    Hi everyone, I discovered my BB infestation in November and like everyone else here has experienced, life went crazy. At this point, the BB sniffing dog has given my apt the all clear sign. However, my buildings board of directors does not agree with me that all of the neighboring apartments (on my floor, above, and below) need to be treated or at least have the dog come and sniff them. I live in a huge building (over 500 apartments- we have our own voting booth!) and I know that over the past year other apartments have had bedbugs.

    I do not plan to move back home (all of my furniture, books, etc.. have been vikane gassed and are in storage, and I am living with a friend), as i am not convinced that the bugs will not return when I move back.

    At the same time, I'm quite scared to move into any large apt complex, because it seems that with so many neighbors, the risk of developing an infestation is high.

    Therefore, at this point, i am limiting my apartment search to small building (10 apartments or less). Needless to say, in New York City this is rather difficult.

    I am just wondering what other people think. Am I crazy for not moving back into my apartment or for not wanting to live in a large apartment building?


  2. 10111

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Sun Jun 19 2011 19:33:05

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    i totally understand. we were thinking of buying a place and now all i can think about when looking at listings is how risky a building might be for infestations. i also think that if we found a place we liked in the future and it was a coop i would ask about how they would approach a bed bug infestation!

  3. jrbtnyc

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Mon Jun 20 2011 4:20:55

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    (10111 evidently you didn't notice LGM6986's post to which you responded is from March 2009 and LGM6986 hasn't posted since so might not be visiting any more at all.)

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