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Finally Letting Go Of Idea It's Bed Bugs

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  1. LAWoman

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Sun Aug 5 2012 13:45:35

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    Okay, it has now officially been a year since I woke up in the middle of the night with a tiny bite on my right knee that itched and burned. This was followed by other "bites" appearing on my body and given that we'd recently had guests with a known BB infestation I concluded the worst.

    For a year now I have continued to get these same bites or bite-like reactions, but have yet to find a single bed bug although some things do seem to fit the pattern of having them. Namely that I am getting "bites" or bite-like reactions on my face and body that show up every 3 to 14 days, usually in the morning after I've gotten up and moved around for a bit. And on occasion we get a run of blood spots that show up on our sheets and pillows, always bright red to dark red and then they'll stop showing up. My husband does usually have little nicks or cuts that could account for these spots. I have found tiny, single black marks on my wooden bed frame and nightstands and pale lampshades by the bed that may or may not be BB feces.

    But still in a year, in spite of repeatedly turning my bedroom upside down even steaming every piece of furniture I have, liberally applying DE (don't do that, not smart) and inspecting my bedroom at all hours of the night with a flashlight since I work from home and am often up at night I have yet to find a single bed bug or bed bug shell, egg or anything even remotely related to BBs. Ever.

    These are the steps I've taken in trying to find out what is biting me:

    In September 2011 I got a K9 inspection from IsoTech. Nothing found and I was given an all clear. Continued to get bitten.

    Purchased Bed Bug Beacon in October and ran it through the end of November including placed on my side of the bed where it ran for 4 days while the entire household was out of town on holiday. Since I was typically coming up with fresh bites on Thursday/Friday weekly I knew it would be running during the time whatever was biting me would want to feed and would likely catch at least one BB. Came home, nothing. After running the Beacon for two months I gave up on that idea.

    Purchased passive monitors and have put them on and around the bed, especially on those areas closest to mine and my husband's heads since most of our "bites" are in the head and neck area. (He gets the same sort of pimple-like marks, but for him they never itch and he dismisses the idea they're even bites.) Passives have been clear now for the 9 months I've had them and used them with the exception of one tiny yellow/brown spot that smeared as if some sort of insect had possibly left a urine spot.

    Currently I have a passive monitor on my headboard facing the wall, have not disturbed it for over a week and still nothing.

    My pre-teen son turned up with the exact same pimple-like lesions on his forehead one morning a month ago and I freaked out. He said they didn't itch at all. These were under his thick wavy bangs and I only saw them, because he was brushing his bangs out of his face while standing in front of me. I took the vacuum cleaner to his bed and areas and saw a tiny black bug that moved like a spider on the window sill next to his bed. It got sucked up by the vacuum cleaner before I could get a good look at it. Nothing since then on my son who is ready to trade his crazy mother in for one who won't obsessively insist he monitor himself for possible bites.

    I have stopped wearing shoes and socks inside at all and static guard has become my best friend. Still getting bites.

    I have found some sort of a mite that is coming in from my bedroom windows and electrical outlets on an outside wall. Two different entomologists have so far said they don't look like biting mites, but they aren't sure what they are.

    Finally couldn't take it and called in IsoTech to do yet another dog inspection. By this time I was seeing black spots that may or may not be BB feces-i.e. black spots on and around the bed although everything looks like BB feces to me these days as well as red to reddish brown blood spots on my sheets and pillows from time to time.

    The K9 inspection again gave me an all-clear although the handler, Kenny, did say that my use of DE around the bed might possibly throw the dog's sense of smell off. He seemed pretty doubtful about that statement though and after a year of this I personally think the dog would be able to pick up the scent clearly.

    Last night I did find two huge fleas in a dresser close to my bed. Killed them and wondered if indeed they could simply be the problem. Inspected everything with a flashlight and the lights turned off, but again as usual nothing moved or looked even remotely close to being a bed bug. I woke up with morning with my scalp itching and tingling and yes, there are two new "bites" on my forehead.

    After a year of this I am putting the idea that it's bed bugs to rest. It is quite possible I've developed an allergic response to carpet beetles, which we do have or possibly bark lice which also show up regularly in my glue traps and flea trap. Maybe it's the mite I keep finding as well. Maybe it's who knows what the heck, but whatever it is at this point I have no choice but think it's not bed bugs.

    Anyone with any other thoughts or information is free to comment. Now I just have to learn to let go of the idea that it is a group of very cleverly concealed BBs that have eluded detection for a year. And keep trying to find whatever is biting me. Whatever it is the higher the humidity the more they bite and it's worse in the fall, winter and summer months, not so much in the spring.

  2. theyareoutthere

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Thu Aug 9 2012 3:37:39

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    Just a FYI link. I have no answers to what's going on, but it sounds aggrevating..especially finding mites, fleas, etc. and not knowing what it is.

    = TAOT

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