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Fed baby nymphs on bed after waking

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  1. PSIwind

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    Posted 5 months ago
    Fri Mar 29 2019 12:36:56

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    So, I got my chemical treatment almost a week ago and will get the next one on Tuesday. I know I should expect to see bed bugs still after the first treatment, but I just need some piece of mind here and some advice. When I wake up, I look on my bed to find any nymphs, dead or alive, on my bed. At least 90% of them are what look to be dead, with the rest either barely moving as they do twitch their legs a bit after putting them in a bag and looking at them, or maybe moving at normal speed but I can't tell. My PCO sprayed almost everything in the room with Temprid SC, including the whole carpet and bed frame, box spring, and mattress of course, so is it safe to assume that the nymphs I'm finding on my bed, fed or otherwise, are either dead or dying from the chemicals? I did find an adult too near my entertainment center but it only reacted when I tried to grab it but my whole room was lit up. Currently, it's still in the bag but it hasn't died yet and I can't tell if the chemical is working. I just need some piece of mind while I wait for the second treatment. Also, I'm replacing my bed and frame and removing the box spring completely after the second treatment as the mattress is old and saggy. Only issue is I don't have a box spring encasement. My PCO suggested to wait until the second treatment to throw out the stuff as, while he told me I don't have to get new stuff, I told him the reasoning behind it and he understood. Should I be safe to remove the box spring without an encasement after the second treatment? It won't take long at all to move it out of the room as the closest outside door is a very short distance. Please, I need help

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