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Fecal stain ID please?

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  1. hopeitisntthemagain

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    Posted 3 months ago
    Fri Nov 30 2018 8:07:09

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    Hi! Long story short I got bb's summer of 2017 (small infestation, noticed only because of bites, a few stains, and a bug). I ended up leaving that apartment, abandoning most of my furniture, and bagging all my stuff up with airborne (?) pesticide strips which seemed to do the trick because I've since unpacked all my books (which were right next to my infested bed omg) and knickknacks and clothes without a hitch. Now, I'm moving again this week (unrelated reasons) and I realized I've still not unpacked 2 suitcases... which I really need to pack in. So I did what I've done with the other suitcase I used in winter 2017 when I travelled, and I took them out of their poison bag, sprayed them with this stuff that's meant to be ok on fabric, and surrounded them in a ring of insecticide to catch any stragglers that come out (I know I know it's a lot of poison). Left them for a day and packed last night, and logically there shouldn't be anything on them - not only is it unlikely they ever had anything on them (the inspector never was able to find anything) but they've been sitting for 1.5 years with a powerful insecticide strip in a bag. However...this morning I wake up to these lovely stains on the top of my bedsheet:
    I don't have bites (and I'd know if I did I think - every bite I've had has swelled up hugely within minutes of being bitten, like my whole arm swells) but I'm very very paranoid which I think is a side effect of every having had these creatures 🤔 Anyway, could anyone help me out? Are these fecal stains? They don't seem to spread on the fabric like the ones I've seen before (those looked diamond shaped almost?) but they don't budge when I rub them...

  2. bed-bugscouk

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    Posted 3 months ago
    Fri Nov 30 2018 9:39:50

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    It does not appear to be faecal, the fine detail of the colour and the pattern of deposition are incorrect.

    If you look at the blood spots on sheets primer of the example images you will see the fine level of detail is just not correct.

    Hope that helps.

    David Cain
    Bed Bugs Limited

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