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Fecal Spots ID Needed - Inspector told me no evidence of bed bugs

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Tue Oct 7 2014 16:35:37

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    I am getting bitten and had 3 inspections. The first was the bed bug dog who alerted the handler to 5 spots (in living room and both bedrooms). The second was a visual inspection and they told me there was no evidence of bed bugs. The third was a visual inspection by the supervisor, who also told me there was no evidence of bed bugs and that he thought I had carpet beetle dermatitis. There are carpet beetles and clothes moths in the apartment. For the long version of the situation, you can look at my original post at:

    I took pictures (new to macro lens) and they are posted on Shutterfly. I couldn't get Yahoo to successfully open an account for me, which you need to sign up for Flickr. The photos are of 7 different spots on the mattress and boxspring (metal frame). I have organized the photos into 7 sections (called 'albums' on Shutterfly) as I have more than one view of the locations. Double-click on the photos to see a larger image. Some of the photos are shot through a 13x magnifier loupe. Here is the link for the photos:

    (Note - When the page comes up a dialogue box opens asking you to edit the photos - that's some tech error - just click the upper right hand corner of the box (the small 'x') and it will close.)

    Thank you very much!

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