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Fecal Matter on Plastic- Does it always smear?

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  1. NoRestForTheWicked

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Mon Sep 26 2011 22:15:46

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    Hi... first time posting from a long-time lurker.

    I have a quick question about fecal matter. I've recently moved after 3 treatments, a cautious all-clear from a PCO and LOTS of preventative measures. We've thrown out practically everything that couldn't be baked in a drier and replaced with brand new items. I've been checking my brand new bed every day to make sure it's clear of signs. Nothing until now.

    Today I noticed some very dark spots on the inside of one of the corner guards on my box spring. My heart sank, and I thought "Here we go again". But when I touched the spots, nothing happened. No smearing, no movement... nothing. The corner guard is white flexible plastic, and the spots seem to be stained right into it... I'd almost think it was a manufacturing flaw except that I haven't noticed it before today.

    The spots are not raised. I can scratch at them, and they do not come off or move at all. I did a saliva test with a q-tip, and there was no colour transfer or any kind. There is also nothing on the fabric covering the box spring, which was touching the corner guard before I pulled it back. I thoroughly inspected both the boxspring and my mattress (in Allerzip encasement) and found absolutely no other signs.

    So my question is: how likely is it that fecal matter would sink right into the plastic, leaving an indelible mark that stains the plastic itself but is not raised and doesn't come off or transfer at all when rubbed or scratched? And if it's not BB fecal matter I'm looking at, what in the world could leave a stain like that?

    I would really appreciate any opinions, especially from professional PCOs. It's so hard to find any sort of peace of mind right now, and finding bizarre things like this only makes it more difficult. Please give me your advice!

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