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fecal matter ID needed ASAP!!!

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Tue May 22 2018 12:54:54

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    A few months ago i had definite confirmed varied carpet beetles in my apartment at school. We had exterminators come to spray. We also had seen a cockroach before in the bathroom, not a huge deal. I started getting obsessive once though when I saw a very dead, flattened, dry BED BUG on TOP of my bed. I discovered it while I was doing laundry on my bed. We had exterminators inspect THAT day. The exterminators confirmed that there were NO Signs of bed bugs and that the bug we saw was too brittle and old to be anything to be worried about. He said it was likely we picked it up from somewhere and brought it in. Nevertheless, I was sleepless for DAYS. I obsessively searched my room with a flashlight and felt like stuff was crawling on me 24/7. I eventually started to breathe easily again. I slept in my bed and got a full nights sleep. Minded- I never got bites or saw any other signs. Then last night, I got in bed and on top saw a little brown dot. I picked it up and smeared it on my bedspread. It smeared very easily. It was the size of a pen tip and very soft and easily spreadable. I then ripped apart my bed and found a black dot. Similar in size and very soft. I spread it out and it smeared also. Here are two pics. My question is, is this common for bed bugs? Are these smears fecal matter? It came out completely after one wash. Please help! I’m going insane.

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