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Fecal ID on sheets please

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    Posted 4 months ago
    Sun Apr 7 2019 7:19:34

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    Hi again!

    I had posted a few weeks ago about my husband, who works in a different city, moving from an infested apartment to a new house. We were finding either bed or bat bugs in his place, confirmed by a PCO. The move was already pre-planned, so we had to proceed as safely as we could. His unit had been treated twice, but we were still seeing live bugs after the second treatment (the problem was either coming from bats in the vent, or his downstairs neighbours). We made the difficult decision to have our furniture professionally disposed and purchased new furniture. The town in which we live did not have any moving services in which our belongings could be treated. Anything that was brought from the apartment was treated twice in the dryer or bagged and treated with Nuvan Strips (ongoing).

    Anyway, I am at our new house - first time since he moved two weeks ago. I’m very paranoid that we have brought the problem with us, despite our precautions. I know how easy it is to do that.

    My husband reacts pretty strongly to bites, and hasn’t had a single reaction since he’s moved. He has been here for about 2 weeks.

    I have looked at our (new) bed sheets and have found a few spots that were troubling, although not as scary once I looked at them more closely with my phone.

    This spot, however, is making me nervous. It smeared when I got it wet. I could not brush it or move it when it was dry.

    Below is a picture of the spot, and then again when I got it wet. Is this possibly fecal? If there is a problem here I know we need to catch it asap in order to have a successful treatment.

    Thanks for looking. I appreciate this community of experts!

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