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Fecal ID Needed please!

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  1. maddil

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    Posted 2 weeks ago
    Tue May 8 2018 1:32:44

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    I found this on my flannel bed sheets. I was able to pick it up, and once I rolled it around and squished it in my fingers it smeared black like this. Could this be BB feces?
    Thank you!
    CB0B0000-C817-445D-877D-CEB6651C63DF by Maddi L, on Flickr

    6485C939-B729-4986-A9D8-03318366558D by Maddi L, on Flickr

  2. BigDummy

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    Posted 2 weeks ago
    Tue May 8 2018 11:36:16

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    Bed bug feces is deposited in liquid form, so depending on the material it tends to bleed into the fabric. Doubtful that it could be picked up and manipulated in the way you describe.

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