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Fecal ID needed (bedbugs, silverfish, gnat?)

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    Posted 4 months ago
    Sun Jun 10 2018 10:32:03

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    A few months ago we discovered we had carpet beetles in our apartment. We have also seen a cockroach, a silverfish, and have ALWAYS had gnat/fruit fly issues. Because we live in a college apartment we understand that pests are part of the territory. However, lately my roommate and I have been finding what we believe are fecal stains in our beds, maybe from bed bugs but maybe not. We find small black SPECKS in our beds on our sheets or comforters that can be picked up easily but also smear when wetted. They kind of break apart like chalk or charcoal and leave completely black streaks, and sometimes yellow/brown streaks. The other day I found this one, bigger than usual and Red looking, that smeared yellow. Some are almost microscopic (ie, if I wasn’t searching my bed with a flashlight daily, I’d never notice) and some are a bit bigger, about the size of a poppyseed. We’ve never had streaks or stains that bled into the bed, they always come off easily, and only find these specks/nuggets IN OUR SHEETS. Because we’ve had problems with other pests, we want to believe that these “fecals” are not bedbug related, by no have no idea. Please please please help!

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