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fecal id and bites!!!please help.

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    Posted 2 months ago
    Tue Nov 6 2018 19:15:50

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    Hello we just recently moved into a new house and im terrified that we many have picked up bed bugs from either the moving truck (had a wooden floor and didn't seem cleanest) or if maybe the new house had already had some. I have bite marks on my stomach and my new born has a single bite on her arm. ive been searching for them but haven't had luck, however I read that if its not an infestation yet they are hard to find. This is the tag from our mattress its a odd material but are they fecal spots to me they look like a rusty color. thank you in advance I am so paranoid due to having a new born!

    the pictures im most worried is the second one with the rusty droppings it looks likea nd the line of bites on my stomach, they like like little scab bites but the other day were red puffy and burning.

  2. micachica

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    Posted 2 months ago
    Tue Nov 6 2018 19:27:44

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    Bed bug fecal spots are blackish and are like a felt tipped pen. Not rust colored.

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