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Family is refusing to take advice and treat bedbugs.

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  1. unstoppableanxiety

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    Posted 1 month ago
    Mon Aug 5 2019 15:21:02

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    So, I'm 17 and I'm living with my family. I currently don't have a job so moving anywhere isn't an option for the time because I wont be able to chip in for rent anywhere for the moment and I dont want to bring them anywhere with me. SO we have bedbugs and have had them for about 2 months. We live in an apartment complex 12 units per building and we recently had neighbors get evicted they had 12+ people living in that apartment and after being evicted the office discovered that these people had an infestation of many different insects roaches, mice, bedbugs you name it, and my neighbor had mentioned how the roaches they had made their way to her place but my younger brother also said the kids that lived there of which he was friends with before they moved (being young and blabbing their families business to people) said they had bedbugs which unfortunately has made their way to our unit. I have been bitten mostly on my legs and feet but after searching my bed and ripping apart my box spring I didn't find a bed bug but I had seen a few crawling on my floor which let me know my room has started to get them too. I am highly pissed off that the building not made aware that the neighbors had a bed bug infestation and that no professional was called to deal with the problem as the only reason we found out was because our neighbor is friends with the manager and the manager was ranting about her day to our neighbor. My family wont listen to me about talking to the office about the problem and expressing that them not telling the building about the infestation is disgusting as I'm pretty sure they need to make the renters aware of these kinds of things?? and not a single exterminator has been by for the apartment that started the infestation anyways We did order bedbugs covers for the mattress and box springs but my family is acting as if that will solve the entire problem and I saw their bed recently and unlike mine they have a REALLY bad infestation like you don't even have to search they are in plain sight with feces all over their sheets and bloodstains and they are all over the head of their bed and I'm trying to tell them that simply putting the cover on at this point wont solve anything and that they need to wash their sheets and blankets and vacuum the mattress routinely and clean the clutter around their room to have any hope of getting the situation somewhat manageable and I avoid the couch and other living spaces of the house because I know they have spread there as well as when I would sit on the couch I get bit and as a result I avoid both my cat and dog because they spend a lot of time in my parents room and I don't want to risk making my bed reach the level their bed is. I don't know what to do I feel trapped I want to move out (my family said I could if I wanted to at any point but I don't have the money...) and I'm not sure as for what to do?? part of me wants to contact the health department about the issue since the complex knows about the infestation but has done NOTHING to take care of it in hopes that getting the health department involved will get their asses to DO SOMETHING because I will be damned if my family has to pay for a treatment for something we didn't cause because the complex didn't take care of treating that apartment as those people had been evicted 3-4 months ago and once they moved the remaining bugs needed a new food source and decided to spread and I feel really gross and constantly anxious. We have lived here about 5-6 years without ANY infestations until the people in that apartment brought them along.

  2. Tim m

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    Mon Aug 5 2019 16:04:08

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    Sorry you are dealing with bed bugs. As for the health department they probably won't do anything because bedbugs don't pose a health risk.

    Depending on the state you live in the landlord may be responsible for the cost of treatment. I live in NY and my landlord covered 100 percent of the bill. You also have to take into account any lease agreements that say you are responsible for any infestation.

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