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Exposure near beginning of long trip

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  1. Crikey

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Mon Oct 3 2016 18:24:21

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    I'm in the middle of an overseas trip that is taking me to 5 different cities (and 5 diff accommodations). I spent 5 nights in the first city, then traveled to the second city. It was much warmer there so I slept with the windows open. I woke up with 4 flat red marks on my face and assumed mosquito bites. I went about the day and noticed marks on my forearms in the evening. Again thought mosq bites I hadn't noticed earlier.
    I had insomnia the second night so I laid in bed with the lights out watching a movie on my iPad and at about 2am saw a scurrying on the sheet in the light of my iPad. I caught The critter immediately wrapped it in Saran Wrap and identified it as an adult bed bug. I saw no others at that time and proceeded to have a meltdown!!! I've never had a bedbug attack before.

    I did research and started the process of running all my clothes thru the scalding hot dryer. I wiped down everything else with denatured 90pct alcohol. Unfortunately I had stupidly left my suitcases on the other bed (which was made and not slept in) but still I know that put them at risk. So I bagged all my heated clothes to keep them away from the suitcase to be on the safer side.

    I went to the third city and of course don't want more bites or to give bugs to this place. I am keeping my suitcases in the shower and my clothes bagged up unless I am wearing them.

    I've noticed more bites "appearing" on my ankles and the others continue to get worse. But I read a story of a woman on here who had a delayed reaction, bites gradually appearing, and this sounds just like her. I think I only got bitten that first night. The second night I found the bug on his way to get me and didn't see others when I flipped the blankets off.

    The pattern seems to have the ones on my face develop most quickly, followed by my forearms, followed by my feet/ankles. They are not at all itchy. None on face since the morning of that first day. No "new" ones on arms since after the second day and no new ones on arms today. Ankle ones appeared later on 2nd day to today (3rd day). Current count is 20 bites, 3 of which are potentials starting to appear today.

    The problem is I can't go home yet. I would love to but I have 2/3 of my extremely expensive trip left. I also can't find any heat treating resources in these cities I am in.

    Q: Am I doing the right things so far to ensure I'm not bringing these things with me or picking up new ones?

    Q: is there chance these are from first place with much delayed reaction AND I brought them with me hence finding the live adult at the 2nd place? (I am thinking highly unlikely as I did not keep the suitcases near the bed there and also my face is sensitive so makes sense it would react right away). The second place had large wooden headboards bolted to exposed brick walls which just seemed like a heavenly place for bedbugs to hide. Lots of dark voids never exposed to light.

    This whole thing is making me sick. I slept zero hours that second night - it was 12 hours from the moment I discovered them to when I was done cleaning up and packed to move on. During that time I slept for one hour on the kitchen counter (no joke) as I was too paranoid to sleep or even sit on any couch or obviously the beds. Load after dryer load and hours of wiping stuff down and bagging it. (Didn't see any actual bugs during the cleanup)

    I'm making arrangements with a friend to rent a packtite to put everything through when I get back from my trip.

    Thanks for reading and sorry for blabbing on.

  2. frightened

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Tue Oct 4 2016 1:53:42

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    Hi. I am no expert but you are doing all the right things.
    People who react to bed bugs can have different parts of their body react with different size bites and different time spans. Some people take up to 14 days to react. I think some of my bites even came up again after they had healed. My bites were often present for 2 weeks.
    Difficult to say whether you got them at the first place and took them to the second place but that is in the past now as you are in the third place.
    If they got into your suitcase then putting it in the shower will not necessarily prevent them getting out though it may delay them. Check the suitcase very carefully seam by seam both inside and out. Perhaps use rubbing alcohol diluted with some soap to prevent it being too flammable.
    Passing clothes through dryer on high temperature was the right thing to do. Keeping them bagged until you have inspected/treated your suitcase is great.
    Make a note of the location of your 20 bites and then note down any new ones. You should see them decreasing soon if you are clear of bedbugs.
    Using a packtite when you get back is good though you don't need to go and buy one unless you will be travelling a lot in the future. 28 days at home with no sightings, empty casings, no fecal signs and bites is usually sufficient to state that the problem is sorted.
    Pls keep us posted. Nobugsonme likes people to report their successs stories to encourage other people.

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