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Experts, please help me understand what is low risk and high risk.

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Tue Aug 9 2011 13:16:00

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    I'm talking behaviors.

    I live in a small place and am packtiting stuff.

    Yesterday I took my purse out of the bag and once in the hallway I started repacking it. The bags touched the stairs. The purse hung off the railing. Later I took my money and stuff out and put it into the wallet. I examined the stuff outside with my purse sitting nearby. I left the receipts in the Maggie which remain in my purse. Money & cards are back in the wallet.

    Can I consider the purse still clean? I go back to work tomorrow so I want a clean purse. (worth noting that the purse was clean at examination. They seem to be harboring at the foot of my bed but my purse hasn't been there since the pack tite.

    Please advise. I read the forums and FAQs relentlessly but I am still unsure about what risks are out there. Someone pm'ed me with great advice on my friends visit.

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