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expert id'ing bugs, Kansas landlords, basements, cat, doll& freezing preventive?

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    I'm new, I have bed bugs. I have confirmed it my bed had a couple of blood spots anda little black stuff this week. I have bites and he has bites. I'm a homebody and I don't want to be home. I have a bunch of questions! this is long. So Please be patient!!

    I am a hyper vigilant maybe paranoid person. I had a horrendous life changing case of head lice while I was in college. I got laid off etc. My doctor and mother said I didn't have it and it went on for a while because of I believed them and later uncooperative, ignorant roommates. The head lice trauma, my light asthma and allergies has made me very paranoid about parasites. I never use bug spray or indoor sprays because of the allergies but I was just diagnosed with the light asthma a couple months ago. Will the bug spray really interact with that? Really i don't care if its not to bad, I just want the bugs dead!!

    I noticed the bites in a line a two days after we had stayed at a hotel one night for a short trip. That was June the 20th. I warned people, my parents because we also went to their house. I changed into my swimsuit the house. My mother and boyfriend doesn't think we have them and keeps saying doubting things. I did make her clean the bed and wash & dry the blankets.

    She doesn't think any of her children can get bugs, she said that about the head lice years ago also. My boyfriend works night and it's hard to clean around him. He is not taking it seriously. I had a lot of fabric in the bedroom so the amount of cloth is pretty high. After I wash & get them extra bone dry can I take them to storage while I clean my house or is that unwise? I could leave them in storage for 18 months but I worry about spreading them to other units and getting them back.

    Well I think finally caught one and I want it identified by an expert so that I can get my boyfriend to get busy helping clean and help pay for the treatment. I want verification so my mother can keep an eye out too so I don't get them back and she doesn't spread them to my whole family. Where can I get this bug professionally identified? My boyfriend says it not a bedbug it's the wrong color etc...

    We rent, so by kansas law does our landlord have to pay or help pay for the treatment. We unknowingly brought them in , thank god live in a house so once they are gone they will be gone!!! We have a full basement used for storage and I send my cat down there to keep the mice and etc population down. I haven't gone down there in a while. Does the basement have to be sprayed?

    I collect dolls and had the most expensive and rare ones on a bookshelf by my bed, I read the mayo clinic report that you could freeze things for 24hours and that would kill the bugs. Those dolls are now in the freezer will it work? I also froze my purse and wallet.. I can leave the dolls in there for months if it will work. 2 out of four are rare. I probably won't be able to easily replace them. I can't actually afford to replace them it took me years to save up the money for them. I read here that it probably won't kill them, but will it be a preventative this early on? I can take them apart and check for eggs and bugs. I know alcohol with a water rinse won't hurt them so should I try that? I don't think I can heat them without destroying them. I'm in week three and I didn't actually see any bugs on them or signs of bugs on them. I've only seen two? bugs I crushed one (not sure it was a bed bug) and have the other in the freezer to die.

    What about my indoor/outdoor cat. what do I do about him? adams flea and tick shampoo? How often? He could stay outside but we live on the outskirts of town and there are alot of small animals plus coyotes. He's fixed but not declawed.

    Please help me I'm freaking out! The trauma from the head lice is starting to annoy me, my head itches, it's probably just psychological but I got start something to really get rid of these soon or I will go crazy.

    a little hope & good news he says no bites last night and I did sleep better than lately, I do not think we are cured but still it's nice.

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