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Experience fighting bb in toronto area

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  1. Torguy

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    Posted 5 months ago
    Sun Apr 7 2019 21:11:47

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    Just wanted to share my exp and steps I took...

    1. Bites around feet and ankles for a few weeks (no idea what it was, figured it was an allergy)
    2. Bites started to move up to legs and arms for a few more weeks (took allergy pills, used scent free soaps etc and nothing changed)
    3. Reached a point where I came to the realization bites were in fact BITES
    4. Looked under the mattress and there I saw it a plump bb running around

    Action - round 1
    1. Google Google Google (sufficiently freaked myself out)
    2. Relayed the message to my building mgt who referred a post control co
    3. Called them and they said they couldnt come for 8 business days (wtf so I figured i would take action in the meantime)
    4. Started to wash and dry all my clothes, linen etc
    5. went to the hardware store and bought - a case of garbage bags, rolls upon rolls of tape, 2 mattress encasement and E.D.
    6. Encased the box spring and threw it out
    7. Other furniture, took it apart piece by piece, wrapped it in the garbage bags, taped and tossed
    8. Removed carpet from room and stairs, wrapped in garbage bags, taped and tossed (this was tough)
    9. All through this process, I didnt find any additional bugs ( but they were there)
    10. Sprayed over the counter stuff plus ED
    11. Tested the next day (bites returned and found one bug)
    12. PCO came the next week, sprayed, dusted and said it was good to go ( told me to go act as bait and sleep in the condo)
    13. Moved back in and still had a few bites (seemed like they were still around)
    14. Couldnt handle the stress/anxiety and moved out until second round of spraying
    15. Pco returned sprayed again (I found one dead bug at this pt)
    16. Went back, still had bites (at this point I have almost no furniture, no carpet, no clothing in the unit - where tf are they hiding??)
    17. Called the pest control company, they said pay us another 500$ and we'll come and spray ( wtf? I complained and they sent another pco who was much more knowledgeable, explained what he will do and provided me with a piece of mind)
    18. At this point all I had left was a mattress and 2 dressers, I toss the mattress and one of the dressers (I found 2 dead bugs hiding inbetween the crevice of the dresser)
    19. New pco came, sprayed dusted, steamed twice
    20. Bed bugs are now gone

    Key takeaways:
    1. Otc solutions do not work to solve the issue
    2. A knowledgeable/empathetic pco who guarantees their work is a must
    3. You need a strong support system/family to help you get through this

  2. SalsaVince

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    Posted 5 months ago
    Mon Apr 8 2019 8:56:07

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    Congratulations Torguy! Glad you are bed bug free and thanks for sharing your story with us. Your takeaways sound spot on. I think another one that you could include is that throwing away all of your stuff doesn't necessarily get rid of them either, as you saw. Even after you only had just a couple of items left in your room, you still had them. Focusing on getting the right treatment is much more effective than throwing away stuff, just in case it contains bed bugs. But I totally understand that reaction. We felt tempted to do that too, as if everything had been contaminated and you could never trust it again. One thing you didn't include was the time frame that all of this took place. How many weeks in between treatments, etc. That would be useful to know.

    FYI, I think you mean DE as in Diatomaceous Earth rather than ED. Bed bugs can cause a some different emotional and physical health problems but I haven't heard of any ED cases.

    Thanks again for your experience.

    "If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles."
    Not an expert. Just a survivor who's still learning.
  3. Torguy

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    Posted 5 months ago
    Mon Apr 8 2019 11:34:58

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    Yes de lol my spell check reverting it to ed lol

    Most meaningful timeline is from the point a pco got involved:
    Step 12 to 15, it was 5 weeks I believe
    Step 16 to 18, 2 weeks
    Step 19, 6 weeks

    Overall from march/april to aug/sept

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