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Expecting a shipment from an old bedbug ridden apt

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Sat Oct 19 2013 17:13:07

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    My old apt building had bed bugs. Wasn't too severe in our house, mostly the one bedroom and the bathroom. Never found them in clothes or on our mattress, we would just wake up with bites & occasionally wake up while they were biting us and find them.

    In any case, I moved across the country. Had some stuff shipped by sea bc I only took my clothes with me. It's been about four months that the bugs, if any, have been trapped there.
    My plan for unpacking is basically taking them to an empty apartment and washing and drying them there then bagging them putting them in my car & unloading them in the house I stay in.
    Then of course taking the clothes I wore to the other apartment off & washing it right away. This should be enough to keep them out of my current apartment right?

    No available driveway or anything so I can't do it without spending some time in my car. It's a lot of boxes I can't unload and wash all in one day either (they don't have laundromats in this country everyone has their own washing machine). How do I keep them from infesting my car if I happen to carry any out of the empty apt with me? What other precautions should I take?

    So nervous about bringing them back. The psychological damage from them had me scarred and unable to sleep for months after I moved here. Not ready to deal with that again.

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