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Everyone thinks I'm delusional. Maybe I am.

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  1. Crazyperson

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Mon Jul 3 2017 2:28:06

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    We got bed bugs last year which we had heat treatment in November and it seemed to take care of them.

    But now I have been noticing I have been getting rashes and little bumps that itch. Of course sometimes I itch badly without red spots or rashes too.

    I sleep in the same bed with my girl friend and when we had beg bugs, she got it worse than I did and had way more whelps and rashes. She says she hasn't been getting any bites and sometimes I will find myself checking her over to see if that is really true.

    I stayed at my parents for a week and was still getting the bumps and rashes, however I feel that my parents may have gotten bed bugs too. My dad gets rashes all the time, but when they got bed at a hotel bugs Mom got the worse rashes. Backstory: I went on a trip with them and we stayed at a hotel in NYC and stayed in the same room and we all got bit by bed bugs but I was the only one that infested my own home as they were still in NYC at a different place and got their clothes washed and threw away their luggage when they got home.

    Even so I always feared that they got them.

    But I wonder what is the possibility of us both having bed bugs and neither my mom nor my girl friend having bed bug bites.

    I was going to get pheromone and CO2 traps but my girlfriend says I shouldn't because it might attract bed bugs from the neighbors if they have them (I'm not so sure about that). I bought stick traps to put in the bed room but have not go that yet.

    My parents had stick traps for other bugs like spiders and when I looked they didn't have any bed bugs in them.

    Am I crazy? What could possibly causing these bumps or rashes.

  2. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Tue Jul 4 2017 0:31:48

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    It's unlikely to be delusional parasitosis, but there are a lot of other options besides "delusional" and "Bed bugs".

    Lots of things can cause skin reactions which itch-- from skin issues like psoriasis and keratosis pilaris and dry skin to fleas and lice and everything in between. We don't diagnose bed bugs unless there is visual evidence-- bed bugs, cast skins, eggs or fecal stains. If you have bed bugs, there will be fecal stains near where you're being bitten.

    I recommend having a pro come in and inspect-- and if they find visual evidence, you can always post a photo here for an expert to confirm.

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."

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