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Electronic Treatment?

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  1. newvictim

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Thu Jan 22 2009 9:28:48

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    Hey there, I am a new member of the BB =/. We are almost dont clearing out the house for the treatment. But they want us to send off our electronics for treatment. Instead of doing that could we buy our own chemical of some sort?
    Wouldent the BB bomb smoke get into the cracks of it and kill them without damageing it?

    Another thing, I have some of my kids artwork that I would hate to throw away due to this. It is made of wax, some sort of waxy crayon. ANy other way I can cure that without getting rid of it?

    Thanks a bunch.

  2. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Fri Jan 23 2009 1:30:00

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    Who would you be sending the electronics to? This is an important question.

    And can you please tell me whether a pest professional told you they were using a bed bug or smoke BOMB? If they did, this is very bad, will not get rid of bed bugs, and may make them much worse.

    If they did not say this, whew! Spray treatments will not help electronics if they are infested.

    Sorry I have more questions than answers, but I promise they are very important. NO BOMBS!

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."

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