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Early detection advice, please!

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Sat Jul 2 2016 23:25:14

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    I was recently exposed to bed bugs--quite a bit of my stuff--and I've been quarantining, ziplock bagging, and putting down DE. I have never had bb but have read a lot about them due to travel.

    I found one bug while sorting through things--I think it migrated to some paper towels while I was driving home. That has been the only live bug seen since my return, but I got a bite Thurs. a.m. and a K9 unit had a positive ID in the box springs. (Mattress was put on before we slept there on my return, with DE in it.)

    I'm concerned about eggs hatching now. I have EcoRaider and have sprayed the walls, wood bedframe, etc but does that just chase them into other rooms??

    The K9 unit recommends heat treatment, which is so pricey. Should I do it anyway before eggs hatch, or wait until we're certain? The K9 unit did not do an inspection as well perhaps because we had a mattress protector on. I have found one dead bug in same bedroom that looks like a bed bug. No fecal matter found.

    Earliest hatching would be tomorrow though, and if one got into the bed right away. But no signs of being bitten, so earliest hatching would be the coming Wed??

    One person advised to keep a person sleeping in that room to keep them contained. Another said to seal the room off and not to go in there. Our spare bedroom (only other mattress) shares a wall.

    I have read so many horror stories that I am trying to remain calm but this last week has been a nightmare and I am definitely not sleeping well.

    Thanks so much for any info/advice!

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