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Dust and Residual to use

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  1. buggedbybug

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Sat Aug 25 2012 12:33:53

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    I have had two PCO treatments and I am still seeing occasional bugs on walls, roof and on some of my stuff. The PCO used Phantom and Alpine dust only and treated just the baseboard, Mattress frame and sockets. I recently moved in this apartment and bugs seem to be very spread out and not concentrated at any one place.

    I was planning to treat some place on my own and wanted advice on dust and residual to use.

    1> I was planning to order Drione Dust to treat cracks and crevices that I think my PCO missed. Also, If i use Drione on the same areas where Alpine Dust was used will it be a problem?

    2> Since the PCO used Phantom on the baseboard I wont spray anything on it. However, can I put dust on top of phantom or is that not recommended?

    3> As mentioned the total number of sightings have reduced but I keep seeing a couple of bugs on walls occasionally. Is there a recommended residual action spray I can use along the wall corners and carpet?

    4> I was planning on getting the carpet steam cleaned using the cleaners before the third treatment. Will regular steam cleaning kills bugs hidden/present on top of the carpet?

    5> Should I apply dust where carpet and wall meets ?

  2. P Bello

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Sat Aug 25 2012 12:51:51

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    Depending upon what you're exactly doing it may not affect the efficacy of the previous treatment.

    You need to assure that the bed bug harborages are sufficiently treated.

    Spraying a band of bug juice around the baseboards in an attempt to kill bed bugs that crawl across it is not likley to work because they simply will not pick up a sufficient dose of residual. And, applying a product that doesn't work well will assuredly have a significant effect on the overall results of your bed bug management program.

    My recommendations include the following products:

    Temprid SC (bayer)
    Drione Dust
    Tempo Dust

    Nuvan Prostrip

    Bedlam Plus(MGK)

    Note that I only recommend products that work and that I recommend to my clients on a daily basis. No company can sponsor me such that I would recommend products that I have no positive trial or field experience with and do not find to work well enough such that I would use them myself !

    As an independent pest management consultant I have a business relationship with certain manufactures including Bayer, AMVAC, MGK, Actisol, Mattress Safe and others.

    Hope this helps ! paul b.

  3. tryingalso

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Mon Nov 10 2014 13:09:49

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    This is an interesting study done by a graduate student in assessing efficacy of a dessicant Syloid 244 FP with versus without CO2 triggering for bed bugs in Norway.

    His field tests consisted of removing furniture from students' living quarters for freeze treatment for 7 days. In the meanwhile, he had one set of living quarters treated with just Syloid 244 FP, and the other set with Syloid 244 FP and CO2 release via blocks of dry ice. Adding dry ice did significantly increase mortality rates for bed bugs - all died within 7 days where the CO2 trigger was used. Students were not present in the living quarters during these field tests (makes it less reliable for the real world, especially given all the furniture had been removed, but it's better than nothing).

    In the living quarters where the CO2 was not used, bed bugs were still alive.

    He also found that Syloid 244 FP performed better than another dessicant labeled DED.

    His research is at

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