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drying vs steaming clothes

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  1. BBcollegestudent

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Wed Jan 9 2013 21:09:50

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    If I buy a Vapamore steamer, can I just steam my clothes? I also don't understand why we need to dry out clothes for so long, when on the other hand, you steam things for as little as 3-5 seconds? For example, when you're using a steamer on your pillow, you're supposed to move around slowly, which means that all areas of the pillow will be steamed for roughly 3-5 seconds, but why is it that you need your clothes to be dried for 30,40,50 minutes?

  2. arianacassie

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Wed Jan 9 2013 22:16:38

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    I know what you mean.... i have an H2o mop and a little shark steamer. I spent hours steaming everything and never knew if i was actually killing anything. I didnt know if these 2 were hot enough . I found a small harborage of bb's so instead of chemicals i ran for the steamer. i took the cloth off my H2o mop and they all died instantly . Then I got my little hand held shark and i found the female in the drawer near the eggs and instars. That one died in a second too. I have resorted to steaming my clothes . I do use the dryer because there is 5 of us but jackets, shoes and boots all get steamed. I actually feel more confident with the steam

  3. P Bello

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Wed Jan 9 2013 22:59:15

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    Dear folks,

    I'll try to keep this short & simple:

    Dryer takes more time as we need to assure ALL areas of the garments are heated sufficiently to kill. It takes time to get ALL areas up to 122 F or higher for at least one minute.

    Steam is different. It works kinda-sorta ( I luv using technical terms) on contact. This is so because the commercial/pro type steamers are putting out steam at from about 50 to 65 psi and from about 170 to much higher temp range. Additionally, (insert physics here) the heat from the steamer is being delivered via steam. The steam, or water vapor, is very efficient at transmitting (I know, wrong word) the heat to the item being steamed. As a bed bug is not a large mass, we can deliver steam produced mortality relatively quickly because the tiny bed bug body is simply overwhelmed, in many ways, by the steam. And, alas, these poor little bastards are poached by steam fairly quickly.

    Now, please understand that I'm referring to a commercial tyope steamer. If you have a homeowner type steamer which I suspect produces steam at lower temps and psi, well then you will likely have to steam more s l o w l y because your unit just can't keep up with mine but, I hear that all the time anyway. : )

    Hope this helps and you understand the concepts. There'll be a quiz tomorrow, have a great night ! paul b.

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