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Drying clothes - when is it okay to ignore labels

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  1. Nobuggersplease

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Mon Aug 28 2017 23:20:11

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    Hello everyone,

    So thanks to bb I need to handle the possibility that all my clothing may or may bot be infected.
    I know throwing the clean ones through the dryer for 30-45 minutes is the minimum but i have some questions about certain fabrics.
    Based on other posts i get that dry clean only clothes can be put in the dryer and clothes that say dry flat or or dry low can be put through high heat if they go in dry (feel free to confirm or let me know if I got this wrong).
    My issue is the clothes that say do not dry clean and do not tumble dry. I'm guessing these fabrics won't stand up to heat of any kind. How can I ensure that they are free of bb and bb eggs? Will a garmet steamer work? Will soaking it in water and detergent work?

  2. psychologically_messed_up

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Tue Aug 29 2017 10:56:38

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    I have an entire closet full of 'hand or gentle wash on cold and hang dry or you'll be sad' (which some will immediately know the brand by that care tag)... since this has started, I've ignored those labels, and I've washed all clothes in hot water and dried on high. The fabrics themselves have been fine- one bottom has slightly faded coloring, and one top seems to be forever static filled, and I'd guess that's because it's been exposed to such heat.

    As for dryclean only, of those items are already dry, they can be placed in the dryer on low heat, then put up to medium after 15-20 mins, them up to high after 15-20 mins. You've just got to allow the fabric to gradually adjust to the temps. Once they've been heat treated, and you're confident that anything in/on them has been taken care of, you can safely take them to the dry cleaners for proper cleansing (I personally would prob tell the dry cleaner that you've got a little situation as they should have the ability to say the don't want to have the items there and take a risk of spreading).

    If you don't want to risk it, there's always the option of Nuvan strips, which I don't have a great deal of knowledge on so you'll want to research that option thoroughly before deciding. I know steam treatments work well on furnature/curtains/etc, so that may be another option for you, but again, I don't really know much about it (for clothes).

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    My profession is medical, which is where I am confident in any advice I give, however rare it may be.

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