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Drying and Storage

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  1. needrest

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Sat Aug 10 2013 9:15:41

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    I,ve read that 20minutes washing clothes at the hottest temp. and drying for 20 minutes at 120 degrees should kill the bug or egg. I have a clothes that are clean in closet, drawers and need to know if it would be overkill to wash and dry again opposed to just putting them directly in dryer. If I,m putting clean dry clothes into dryer how long should I dry them for? Also I,m not sure how hot the temp. gets in my dryer. I was in wallmarts last night checking out the plastic storage boxs and noticed that the tops or lids were not super secure. I want a place to store clothes after I,ve washed-dryed them and would hate to waste money on the plastic containers if the bugs can get in them. By the way, I would use a couple of these containers for work clothes that I,d be opening and closing. The other stuff would just be stored back in closet. Was wondering what you guys were doing with your stuff after its been wash/dryed?

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