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Don't trust PCO. How long to wait before second treatment?

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  1. Annia

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Fri Nov 25 2011 22:38:44

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    Hi! Several apartments in my building are infested with bedbugs. As soon as we found one bed bug on our couch (it was crawling on day light, so I guess it was desperate for food) we called the building manager and started treatment. For now, we haven't found any other evidence (no bites, blood stains or more bugs). The thing is that we are not happy with our PCO, but we can't do anything about it, because the landlord is paying for it. The PCO didn't bother to look for the bugs or to tell us we should have taken the face plate removed from the electrical outlet (so he didn't sprayed them) he just sprayed here and there around the apartment. But the worst thing is that he offered to do the second treatment just two days after the fisrt one (because on his own words he was coming to treat other apartments in the building and that way he could treat all that day!!!) we said we didn't want tha second treatment so soon, because we wanted to wait for the possible eggs to hatch, so he agreed to come one week later. Is this enough time? I have read it could take up to two weeks for the eggs to hatch so maybe it is better to wait two weeks between treatments, is this right?
    Thanks for your help!
    By the way the bug we found in this one:

  2. bedbugsuptown

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Sun Nov 27 2011 23:44:13

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    I'm not a pco (you'll read this a lot) but yes you were right not to let this guy treat your place 2 days later. 2/2and a half weeks sounds a lot better. My second treatment was delayed because of hurricane Irene-- (chemical, I assume yours is too). My pco sent one of his associates for that treatment~and he may have done a more thorough job. It was at least 3 weeks later.

    I would recommend documenting/keeping a journal of all that occurs as you proceed with treatment.
    I didn't but live and learn. If this should ever happen to me again I will document everything and keep a hard copy as well--the hard copy will be contained in a ziplock bag!

    Good luck

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