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Don't know if its BB's, slowly going crazy

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  1. Goingcrazyy

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Mon Nov 5 2012 3:26:38

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    Please help, I am sorry this post will be very long but I am going crazy with anxiety over bugs and I am not sure if thats what I even have anymore.

    Moved into new apartment provided by my school so it came with a bed and some furniture. Sis sleeps over on the floor first night, she gets the breakfast lunch and dinner bites. Apparently, she goes home and gets lots more bites, cleans like crazy and within the week finds and kills an adult bedbug. At home, no one gets more bites since.

    Back at the apt, I don't get any itchy bumps until a week later. These 2 or 3 bumps were very close and my arm swelled up like it was making a new elbow (This itched for maybe a month until it healed and it caused so much pain because of how big it got). Next week, boyfriend gets some itchy bumps. I've been bitten by them before so I can tell the difference between BB's and mosquitos, so I know its not that. I go crazy and search, I don't find any bugs, not really sure what the casings look like or the nymphs but I didn't see any little clearish things moving around, and I couldnt find signs of fecal matter. But, I know the anxiety of them all too well and go crazy spraying contact spray everywhere I can and putting down probably too much DE because the school is not handling the situation well and I can't live like this.

    For the next month, I think the problem is gone. I do notice I wake up with some scabs on my skin, sometimes one big one or sometimes multiple little ones but I thought nothing of it. Until one night I catch myself scratching in my sleep and wake up and there are 3 scabs there. Again, I freak out because now I'm thinking I had bugs all along and I've been ignoring them eat me alive. I check the room again and find nothing, respray the furniture and put some more DE around the bed (which is hard to do because it's not the kind of bed that can be isolated- twin bed, storage draws under, way too many hiding spots and sits directly on the carpeted floor).

    So now I am just going plain crazy. I keep checking and find nothing. My roommates are not getting any bites. I started sleeping on the couch, but even when I go into the room for my stuff or to get dressed, I get a bump that swells over a large area, kind of flat and itches.

    I go home on the weekends and dry all my stuff or keep stuff in bags. Which worked for a while but I was sleeping the other night and felt 2 itchy spots on my arms. Panicked, washed and dryed everything on the bed, contact sprayed that whole corner of the room, set up a DIY CO2 trap (which after 3 or 4 days of running it found nothing). But I also got some suspicious itchy spots on the couch at home- which now makes no sense to me because they were on my arms but the couch is covered in plastic, so how would BB's be able to climb up the plastic arm of the couch? And these itchy spots are sort of just one big area and have some little blisters in them. They itch, but sometimes they burn at rest (idk if its because i scratch them and the blisters burst, but then they burn instead of itch). I was the only one at home getting them but I was also the only one on that couch. At first it was one big spot with little blisters on my arm and later in the night, one round typical looking bite on my calf but a larger area above it that was rly itchy and probably also had blisters. We sprayed the whole surface of the couch w a spray for BB's and dustmites. Then next day it was one new spot on my finger w one blister, but this was on the couch right next to it and then a larger spot w little blisters on my other arm on the original couch. Sprayed the couch again, surface, under and around the cushions, under the couch, and where ever I could reach under the plastic. Next day, another itchy bump on my other finger w 2 blisters in it. Also set up a CO2 trap for one night and didn't see anything in it the next day.

    I'm back at the apt now, I just went in the room to set up a CO2 trap on the bed and to get some notes from my desk and there is an itchy, flat swelling spot near my ankle. So far, nothing in the trap =(

    I really don't know what to do anymore. My mom thinks I'm crazy and I'm giving myself hives (but the bumps are not on my torso which i think is characteristic of hives). My dad thinks its mites (but i don't feel anything crawling on me, and the bites seem to happen at night). I thought it was BB's because my sister did find one and the first bite I got was characteristic of it. But now the itchy spots I get don't seem to be in 3's or multiples (unless they are close together? I can't even tell).

    Is it safe to say that because we found a bedbug from there, that this is all bedbugs? Or am I lucky enough to be dealing with some other kind of mite/parasite that I happened to bring home too? I really don't know anymore. Nothing seems to be working. I can't sleep or study or seem to function anymore. I feel defeated and I am starting to question if I even know what I have or what to do or if I am just going crazy. I just want to fix this so I can sleep like normal people and start focusing on school and I don't know how and no one seems to understand why this bothers me so much. =(

  2. Corcollil3

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    Posted 2 weeks ago
    Fri Jul 6 2018 3:27:11

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    I think you should try to relax. You really could be giving yourself hives or something. Don't panic! I am going through something similar. Like your situation, my situation doesn't add up. I worked for a woman with bugs. So I was convinced I must have them. I spent eight months inspecting everything, itching all over (without bites) and making my self insane. I finally said ok, your good, right months in the clear. Then I found a bed bug in my car! I inspected everything again. Still no signs, no bites! But now a big in my CAR! I'm at a loss of how to even go about beginning this torched all over again. I feel crazy and defeated. I'm a mom of two trying to go back to school and it just effects every part of my life. My husband thinks I'm crazy and he is tired of hearing it. Sometimes it helps me to just think that I only get one life and bed bug worry doesn't get to take time away from this one life I have. I hope everything works out for you!

  3. Catt417

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    Posted 1 week ago
    Sat Jul 7 2018 23:35:19

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    I would literally get your car interior professionally cleaned, it's possible that only one got into the car and as long as it's not pregnant, only the one will be able to bite you, if it is pregnant your car could get infested. Get it cleaned and then I would bomb my car!! Never use bombs for a house though, it chases them deep into the walls only to return later. I don't know if that's possible for a car.
    As far as the OP goes I would have a professional come in and inspect and buy some DE and put it around your dorm room. Around every crack and crevice, baseboards, under bed. Inspect your bed on a regular basis and buy a mattress cover. DE will take care of many types of bugs. Also you could invest in a steamer and steam the heck out of your room. I was told that steam will kill almost any bug as long as it's hot enough. Try to relax. I know how it is, I get freaked out too but that's not a way to live your life. You have to think it's only a bug and I am bigger than the big. You have to put yourself in that frame of mind. Or you will go nuts, trust me I know.

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