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Doing a room share to escape--how do I scalps moving into an infestation?

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Tue Sep 6 2011 20:14:20

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    I am planning on taking a small room in my area and putting most of my stuff (packtited) into storage for the time being. (a couple of lamps may go in in contractor bags for long term storage)

    I may bring my table, chairs and side tables--all can be packtited or otherwise treated. I also plan on taking my A/C, TV, DVD player and external storage drive and possible an old Mac unit that sits out in my apartment. There are ceramic knickknacks and bath products and clothes. I feel good that this will allow me to move guilt and bug free.

    In looking at apartments, what should I look out for in the few minutes I get to inspect a room?

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