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Does This Sound Like Bed Bugs? Please help!

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  1. squeamish

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    Posted 9 years ago
    Sun Apr 11 2010 19:17:57

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    Hi folks,

    I am not sure I have bb's, but am hoping someone who reads this can suggest that, yes, it sounds like or doesn't sound like bb's are a possibility. Thanks in advance.

    Ok, so hubby went and stayed at his friend's place up at Lake Tahoe for a ski weekend. We do not travel a lot, but the guy he stayed with travels all the time. One night, my hubby woke next morning with a few welts on his ankle and a couple near his collar bone. The guy said he hadn't noticed any bb's or had any bites, but my hubby was staying in the guest room. The friend said another person had stayed in the room recently, but had not complained of any bugs or bites. I have to admit that as soon as my husband said he got those bites (which was unfortunately AFTER he had already unpacked his bag, I started to get really paranoid.

    4 days passed, and then I woke up with 3 largish welts on my right hip and abdomen, tho they were not the 3-in-a-row-breakfast-lunch-dinner type. 2 days passed with no additional welts, then on the 3rd day. woke up with 3 more largish welts on left hip and thigh. Noticed nothing new the next day. Then the next afternoon, I was sitting at my desk at work, and noticed 3 medium wlts on my lower abdomen, I huge one on my neck and 2 small ones on another part of neck. Next day, 3 small welts on lower legs and foot. Most of the welts have been fairly itchy for a few days.

    Bought some double stick carpet tape and put that all around the bottom of my mattress because right now our mattress is on the floor as we have not decided on what kind of bed to buy yet, even tho we have lived here for a year and a half now (I know. . . . . !) So, I covered the mattress in anti-bed bug cover and put the tape down. I washed the bedding in hot, and made sure no blankets touched the floor by folding them in half so they would not drape over the side. I took the comforter and comforter cover we usually use off the bed and placed it on my exercise bike located a few feet from the bed. I did not treat my pillows but inspected them for evidence - none found, and btw, none found when I inspected the mattress either. 2 days passed, and NO new bites after the tape treatment. I inspected the tape 3 times, saw no bugs. Then I found what looked like a dead mosquito on my window sill, figured that had to be what it was. Next day, my husband saw 2 more dead bugs that looked like possible mosquitos when he was vacuuming. I figured the bites must have been mosquito bites, so I took the tape off the mattress and put the comforter back on the bed. Later that day, I found 2 fresh welts. Went to bed and woke with 2 more fresh welts on hips and abdomen, and now, as I am wrtiting, I notice one more on by butt that started to itch that I had not noticed earlier today. Also, this morning, I found a tiny pinhead size black bug on my bathroom floor. Would never have realized it was a bug if I had not used a magnifyer. It seems too small for an adult bb, and my understanding is that nymphs are clear or red if having fed, not black (?)

    The weird thing is, tho my hubby obviously got bitten by someting in Tahoe and developed welts from it, he has either not been bitten at all since he got home, as I have, OR he is not reacting to them.


    1) If my hubby got bitten and developed welts in Taho, woud he not continue to be bitten if he brought the buggers home? I read that bb's can bite one person, leaving the other alone, but if he had already been bitten does that make sense they would stop and turn solely to me? I tend to be bitten by mosquitos more than he because my blood is sweeter from being diabetic, but not sure if the same is true for bb's. And, I have also read that bb's tend not to cross over to another person after they have established a feeding host? Also, if my hubby welted up over being bitten in Tahoe, wouldn't he continue to welt up if he were still being bitten?

    2) Has anyone ever seen black nymphs?

    3) I also have a couple non-itchy but sore bumps on my scalp today. I have read bb's prefer not to go into the hair, though?

    4) I am highly suggestable. I once mentally made my body twitch all over from being convinced I had ALS. What are the chances I am "producing" these welts out of fear and anxiety over bb's?

    5) Since I did not get bitten when the comforter was off the bed, but noticed new bites in the evening after I had moved it back onto the bed that afternoon, could the infestation be in the comforter even tho I did not see anything? But, woudn't you think that since the comforter was only 2 feet away from the bed when it was off the bed, that the bb's would have crawled out and over to the bed to bite me, and then would have gotten snagged by the tape?

    Edited to say, thanks for your time!

  2. buggyinsocal

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    Posted 9 years ago
    Sun Apr 11 2010 23:06:16

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    If my hubby got bitten and developed welts in Taho, woud he not continue to be bitten if he brought the buggers home?

    Probably. Usually people who don't react at first begin reacting later, not the other way around.

    Also keep in mind that people can get exposed to bed bugs without bringing them home. I know from reading the FAQs and posts here, it might not seem that way (and I want to be clear; knowing what I know now, if I found bugs in a hotel room, I would go right back to Bed Bug Defcon 1, treating every item in my possession like it was the highest level of biohazard--to mix my metaphors and similes a bit). The hotel that I'm 95% sure I got my infestation from? I was not only sharing a room with two people who didn't get them, I was sharing a bed with one of those two people.

    It is important to know that bed bug bite can take up to 9 days between being bitten and appearing on the person who was bitten--esp. for people who aren't strong reactors and/or haven't been exposed before.

    Has anyone ever seen black nymphs?


    But there are a number of pests that people mistake for bed bugs.

    What are the chances I am "producing" these welts out of fear and anxiety over bb's?

    It's possible that that's what's going on. It's also possible that you have a bed bug infestation in the early stages and the black bugs you discovered are one of the many species of insects and arachnids that we actually share our homes with without realizing it. It's possible that you're just now having a reaction to a pest that's already in your home because of the stress and anxiety. Many things are possible.

    Probably the best thing to do for your anxiety levels is to look for a good pest management professional in your area who has a lot of expertise with bed bugs. If you can find a good one, have that person in to do an inspection.

    If in the meantime you find any insect samples, SAVE THEM. A good PMP can identify the bug in question. If you can't find a good PMP in your area, you can mail the samples to entomologists at some universities to be identified there. And if you're willing to try getting good at photography of small objects, you can post those pictures here so that people here, including PMP, entomologists, and bed bugs warriors can help you identify the pest in question.

    I know you were hoping for something more conclusive, but nothing in your description or your posts is enough for me to rule bed bugs in or out with 100% certainty. Sorry about that, and hang in there.

  3. squeamish

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    Posted 9 years ago
    Sun Apr 11 2010 23:35:40

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    Thank you so much for your reply. I realize no one can tell me for sure, and I appreciate your comments. Yeah, I have pretty much decided to have Planet Orange come out and inspect. They use DE for their treatment, if I end up going with treatment. I am chemically sensitive, so need to do something as non-toxic as possible. I have been under a lot of stress prior to developing the welts as my husband had to undergo a biopsy and I was a wreck. Went out and bought another role of tape, so will be re-doing that trick tonight and hoping for the best. Worst part is the worry and anxiety - keeps me from concentrating at work. Best part is finding this forum, to know I am not alone. Thanks again. Oh, I assume PMP means Pest Management Person??


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