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Does Climb-Up color matter?

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  1. WeltsAbound

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    Posted 8 months ago
    Mon Nov 12 2018 17:18:51

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    My PCO said something that sounded off about Climb Ups the other day, and I wanted to run it by folks here.

    He said that I should replace all my white Climb Ups with black ones, because BBs prefer dark spaces.

    To my mind, that would be fine...if the Climb Ups were supposed to provide a harborage. They're not. They're supposed to become the bugs' only access point to furniture, and an unclimable/poisoned one at that, right?

    Am I missing something?

  2. SalsaVince

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    Posted 8 months ago
    Mon Nov 12 2018 17:48:23

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    From what I've read, in a lit room, bed bugs do have a preference to dark colored climbups. However, you are typically looking to catch them when they are most active which is during the night in a dark room while you're sleeping. Therefore, the color should have little impact on their effectiveness. The other thing to consider is that white interceptors are much easier to use for monitoring since some who have used the black ones have complained how difficult it is to see what they contain. I like being able to take a quick walk around the bed and see if I have any new customers or not without having to get on my hands and knees.

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