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Does Aprehend work?

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  1. perico

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    Posted 8 months ago
    Thu Feb 8 2018 11:33:54

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    I recently learned about a new product called Aprehend, from this news article. Unfortunately, the product is not available in my country (UK), nor is it available to homeowners (only to licensed pest control operators).

    While I wait for it to appear in the UK, has any of you, US fellows, had a positive/negative experience with this product? From the technical description, it looks like a panacea. Basically, one bedbug getting infected with fungus and then transmitting it to other bedbugs!

    But, having lived more than 3 years with bed bugs and having infected most of my relatives, no allegedly smoking gun surprises me anymore. But you know, hope is the last thing a human can lose!


  2. bbdead

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    Posted 6 months ago
    Fri Mar 30 2018 1:35:33

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    I also keep track of this new hope,Apprehen, and as soon as it is available in my state I hired a PO for a treatment of a house with 4 bedroom. Cost is $635. It was done 4 weeks ago. The hope of this new product working helps to take off bedbug stress a lot. There have been No signs of allergic so far for anyone in the home. (Knock on wood!) It is still not sure if it will works but I do see no more bites on my face for last couple of days. I will post the outcome. I need more time to tell.

  3. HelpBB

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    Posted 2 months ago
    Sat Jul 21 2018 11:43:43

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    undead did Aprehend work for you? Has anyone else tried it? If so what were your results?

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