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Do 'reactivating' bites look and feel like new ones?

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    Posted 6 months ago
    Tue Apr 17 2018 10:42:27

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    I recently moved away from my old home after a heat treatment. I was afraid of waiting for the 60-day mark, because the PCO mentioned he felt it was possible the bed bugs were coming from a different unit this time due to the timeline (our last trouble with bed bugs was a year ago and we only noticed activity in November, so the bed bugs would have had to not been biting us for several months only to suddenly start again if they were only in our apartment. They were also in a different room this time, on a wall opposite the original room they were found in previously.)

    I took many, many precautions, but am obviously still very paranoid. This morning I felt an itch and a bump, when I went to the mirror to look at it, it was a very angry standard red bed bug bite, but I think it is in the exact same location as an old one.

    All of my bites are around a month or more old now, they are brown, flat, and finally starting to fade - is it possible for just ONE of them to suddenly flare up and become 'new' looking or have I brought the bed bugs with me? I plan on dusting CimeXa into all of my baseboards tonight, but I'm very afraid.

    I lifted my mattress and inspected the seams, but I can't find anything. I haven't found any other signs yet. The mattress is new, but unfortunately it is on the floor.

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