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Do PCOs use hampers? Laundry tips found on internet...Thoughts?

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  1. theyareoutthere

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Tue May 15 2012 2:29:14

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    Do PCOs use hampers at home or some other way to store dirty clothes.

    This is a link I found online...some of the info seemed odd but I thought there were some good tips for laundrymats:

    To protect your belongings from becoming infested:
    • Do not transport laundry in cloth bags unless you plan to wash and dry them. Instead use white,
    plastic baskets that are easy to inspect when they are empty.
    • Do not set your laundry basket on the floor or on top of the washer but put it back in your car when
    it is not in use. If you do not have a car, place the basket on top of the washer and inspect it
    thoroughly before putting clean laundry back into it.
    • Do not set your laundry basket anywhere near the seating areas or trash cans.
    • Inspect any chairs in the seating area of the laundromat before sitting on them.
    • Inspect the table used for folding laundry before placing your clean clothes on it. Better still,
    fold your clean laundry at home.

    Frankly.. I do mainly larger items at laundrymat (comforters, coats etc)....after watching people change diapers on the tables...or let their kids spit into the wire baskets...I tend to bring plastic bags, use wipes on the table that I set my plastic bag on...throw the plastic bag on the table and take items directly from dryer to plastic bag...touching as little as possible...

    = TAOT

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