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Do I have to treat my laptop (light infestation)?

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  1. movingsoon

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    Posted 4 months ago
    Tue Jul 10 2018 13:57:45

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    I have about three more boxes to go through in my room, but so far there have been no sign of bed bugs. My roommate found about 3 or 4 adults in her room, though. Their rooms have been treated, but because I was out of town, mine is being treated tomorow.

    My question is: I know that bed bugs can hide in laptops, and mine has been on my bed before, but I've seen 0 signs if an infestation in mine. Is it ok to just seal it up when I'm home and be generally confident that I'm not infested? Or do I have to do one of the pesticide strips. I generally need my laptop almost every day for work, so I'm trying to avoid this.

  2. BigDummy

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    Posted 4 months ago
    Wed Jul 11 2018 9:22:19

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    No signs in your room and the fact that it is a laptop, likelihood of infestation could be low. I would ask the PCO who is treating the house since he's actually been on site and knows the risks much better.

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