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Do I have bedbugs?

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  1. jhoman

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    Posted 9 years ago
    Sun Aug 29 2010 15:36:03

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    I keep going back and forth about this. I started getting little red spots that itch, and one big patch on my ankle, but I did go running in the woods so it was probably poison ivy...that is making it very hard to tell what could be bed bugs and what could be poison ivy that might be continuing to spread.

    What I'm finding: I keep finding little tiny tiny black specks on my sheets that are not embedded, just loose on top, I did find one blood spot underneath my pillowcase (on the actual pillow itself), and the strangest of all is I found a dead bug on top of my sheets that was NOT a bedbug.

    Finally, today after an inspection of all the seems of my mattress, little holes in the bedframe, and different places around my room, I didn't find a single bed bug

    Suggestions?? Comments? Help?

  2. Bugbitten Meg

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    Posted 9 years ago
    Sun Aug 29 2010 16:15:03

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    If you inspected and didn't find any bugs, you certainly don't have a large infestation, though you may have a small one. Since it's summer, and you go running, you may also be finding mosquito bites.
    As long as you're still getting bites, keep re-checking for bugs every so often -- like when you change the sheets. If mosquito season is over and you're still getting bites but haven't seen anything, you definitely want to call a PCO for an inspection; many of them will do an initial inspection for free.
    You could call one sooner, too, but you should definitely take the time to research good, experienced PCOs in your area first. Bed bugs are hard to get rid of completely, and a knowledgeable, detail-oriented PCO is a must. Use the uncertainty time to figure out who you would go to if you *do* need one... put your state or a nearby city in the search box at the upper right corner, and start reading the previous posts by people in your area.

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